Our products are widely used in the factories of photoelectricity, semiconductors, solar energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff,etc., and various piping systems of ultra-high purity and special gases.


Whole-process quality monitoring is carried out starting from raw materials to each link of the production processes and to finished products inspections so as to ensure the quality!

Acid Washing of Raw Materials and Finished Products Inspections

In order to ensure the quality of the input tubes and the finished products, each batch of the raw materials need to be fully acid washed to make sure that all impurities are removed, moreover, all the input raw materials and the finished tubes need to be tested by PMI(spectral);

Sophisticated Bright Annealing Technology

99.999% hydrogen furnaces imported from South Korea are adopted and jointly work with globally sophisticated technologies to make sure that brightness of the stainless tubes reach the advanced level in domestic China so as to satisfy the high-end market demands;

Strict Quality Control on Finished Products

Tolerance of outer diameters and wall thicknesses of the finished tubes shall be ±0.05mm, and the roughness (RA) shall be less than 0.3 so that each tube can meet the international precision standards;

The finished products are exported to several countries.

The finished tubes are exported to nearly 10 countries and regions, such as South Korea, Japan,the United States,Europe,etc.,and are widely used in various large production and processing enterprises and win over consistent recognition from the industrial community.


Perfect product process, complete production equipment, reliable technology, our company has mature production lines.

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